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Fundación ZCC - 23/08/2017

From 21st of September until 13th of January, Etopia, Center for Art and Technology will be hosting the exhibition POSTNATURALEZA, (POST-NATURE), produced by the Zaragoza City of knowledge Foundation within the European Digital Art and science Network with the support of Creative Europe.

POSTNATURALEZA forms part of the global programme developed this year by the BIOESTETICA Foundation curated by Daniel López del Rincón, art historian and Professor at Barcelona University, specialist in the relationship between art and Biology; seeking by means of artistic creation, to introduce the public to the biotechnological revolution about to take place in the coming years.

In López del Rincón’s own words, the term «post-nature» as a result of this revolution: «reminds us that it will be impossible to speak of nature as an entity independent of human action». In this sense, art also reflects this change and «is helping to readdress critical thinking based on the (environmental, biotechnological, ideological) transformations that affect nature».

The exhibition is divided into three areas that draw from three traditional artistic genres: landscape, portrait and still life, from which fifteen works have been created by fifteen artists and one collective, three of these works were developed during artist’s residencies in Etopia. The artworks deal with issues, among others, such as genetic monitoring, biological mutations and the need for more cooperation and less competition between nature and human beings.

Science Museum

The exhibition in Etopia is to be complemented by another exhibition at the Museum of Natural Science at Zaragoza University, to take place from 22nd of September until 18th of November, which will present examples of works from the Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh that divulge information about how mankind has modified the natural species that surround him throughout the course of history.

Finally, the guided visits of the Postnaturaleza exhibition taking place in Etopia will include workshops and escape room activities; a series of lectures at the Paraninfo building at Zaragoza University by prominent scientists, ecologists, artists and social researchers, inviting us to rethink concepts such as life, genetics and ecology; along with a series of biopunk films in collaboration with the Zaragoza Filmoteca. Information about these activities will be updated throughout the month of September.

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